Flow and Form

Vivid Covid

Sun and Moon

Gauntlet Mitts

Leather, recycled leather, beads, fur


Process of time and space


movements. exaggerate. transform into a dynamic composition of geometric motion. get lost in time.


The Healing Gift of the Jingle Dance

It is a gift from the Creator to dance the Jingle Dance. I am deeply grateful to all those who have taken me up on their wings to share their traditional knowledge and artistry, strength, guidance, love, and blessings as I created with prayer my traditional Jingle dresses.


Process Jingle Dress 2019 - Cross-cultural design is inspired by my traditional Ukrainian folk design. Paintings titled Process and Click were printed onto textile for regalia.


Artist Marlessa Wesolowski
Wanuskewin Heritage Park Pow Wow
Wanuskewin Heritage Park Pow Wow


Grand Entry Pow Wow at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. 2016

Click Jingle Dress 2015

Click 2008

Infuse beauty ...


Natural dyeing from flora in our yard

Vinok, one of the oldest Ukrainian symbols adorned by women. The Vinok is a solar symbol of innocence and is a head wreath woven from hand picked grasses and a variety of flowers, decorated with different coloured ribbons with each flower, grass, or ribbon holding symbolic meaning. 

Hand sculpted flowers from paper, and fabric.



Traditional basket weaving from recycled cooper wire



Upcycled leather, wood, hand-dyed rope, initiation sinew


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