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These precious hands of mine are instruments of creation, giving form and life to my imagination. 
Front and back, these hands are big, strong, gentle, rough around the edges, loving, and sensitive.

photo credit: Emily Spott-Wesolowski

Marlessa Wesolowski_ Who I am_2022.JPG

 Inspiration comes from 

communityplants, trees, cycles, botany, animals, flow, Family, cells, Culture, bodily systems, SPIRIT, family, weather, matter, energy, water, fire,

Sun, Moon, air, ether, LOVE, environment,  history, tradition, processes, mystical, evolution, birth, geometry, TRUTH, growth, ageing, decay 

Cosmos, imagination...,


Artist Statement

My artwork's primary themes and inspiration are founded on cycles of transformation, change, and nature.

These concepts emerge in various evolving ways, often through geometric forms and the combination of

contrasting elements of nature, such as a tree or landscape merging with shapes, forms and lines arranged in such a way the seen and unknown interact.

Regardless of the outcome - abstract or representational there is the emergence of reality and felt energy.

The geometric paintings are most often contemplative and utilize an approach that is intuitive and systematic

in its process. Several techniques are used during the painting process; spraying paint, masking off shapes,

applying paint with a brush or sponge to provide a smooth surface and glazing.

The merging of geometry and representative images conveys a uniting of two worlds —

one carefully composed with a search for a balance between order and chaos.

I believe as an artist I am called to imagine create and discover beauty where it may not reside.  In 2005,

I co-founded The Healing Arts Program at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon, where I artistically serve and support individuals in need to express and discover insight through creative processes.

This aspect of my art practice complements the desired traditional holistic concept of caring for people

in the local healthcare system and its surrounding community.


Marlessa Wesolowski is a creative artist with a passion for capturing the seen and felt essence of the

natural world she engages with. Born in 1971 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, she has always had

a love for using her hands to create and explore.

She is a self-taught artist and works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, textile and film, and is constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles. 

Over the years, Marlessa has gained a loyal following of collectors, who appreciate the beauty and emotion

that her art evokes. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Government of Canada Official Residences Crown Collection.


In 2019 she graduated "manga cum laude" with a Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy

 from the Division of Arts, Health and Society at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. 






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