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These precious hands of mine are instruments of creation, giving form and life to my imagination. 
Front and back, these hands are big, strong, gentle, rough around the edges, loving, and sensitive.

photo credit: Emily Spott-Wesolowski

Marlessa Wesolowski_ Who I am_2022.JPG

 Inspiration comes from 

communityplants, trees, cycles, botany, animals, flow, Family, cells, Culture, bodily systems, SPIRIT, family, weather, matter, energy, water, fire,

Sun, Moon, air, ether, LOVE, environment,  history, tradition, processes, mystical, evolution, birth, geometry, TRUTH, growth, ageing, decay 

Cosmos, imagination...,


Artist Statement

Marlessa Wesolowski, (b.1971) a Canadian painter based in Saskatoon, SK, is an artist with a profound interest in producing artworks inspired by nature that explore the interplay between the known and the unknown. Her paintings reflect her personal experiences and impressions, displaying intuitive and thought-provoking elements. She employs a geometric abstract approach to interpret her emotions, manifesting unique blends of geometric forms and energy, utilizing bold pigments to balance the line between order and chaos. Her pieces are expressive and contemplative, reflecting the energy that surrounds us and inviting us to explore our own experiences through a new lens. Each artwork tells a unique story, created with passion and inspired by the beauty of our natural world. 

Marlessa's work has been showcased in local and national galleries, including the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Her art can be found in many private collections and two pieces are included in the Canadiana Fund Crown Collection displayed in Rideau Hall and the Governors General's secondary residence in Quebec City. 

Arts in Healthcare
In 2005, Marlessa co-founded The Healing Arts Program at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon. This program aims to utilize the therapeutic benefits of creative arts to aid in personal and collective healing. Over the past 20 years, Marlessa has served as the artist-in-residence, providing individuals and the community an outlet to express themselves and gain valuable insights and healing through various creative processes. The Healing Arts Program was established to complement the traditional holistic concept of caring for individuals in the healthcare system and those in the surrounding community. It has become a vital initiative in promoting the therapeutic power of creative arts and its potential role in healing individuals and communities. In 2019, Marlessa completed a Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy magna cum laude from the European Graduate School in Switzerland.






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