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Nurturing Our Natural Nature Through Creative Expression
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Conversations With


The human condition is documented in many forms but finds one of its greatest expressions in the visual arts through the portrait. While many are compelling images, the portrait can at its best be an approximation of the character of the individual being portrayed.

Conversations With draws together two studio practices  – painting and video. This body of work, created between 2009 - 2011 was influenced and informed by my desire to examine and re-visualize in video and paint the nature of the exchange between artist and sitter, in an attempt to reclaim the sense of intimacy, engagement exchange with the subject of the portrait.

Two conversations from 2007 and 2010 are currently being edited and will be brought to life in the near future.  


Conversation with Dan the Sailor Man | video 2007-2009 Rest in Peace

Conversations with Daniel the Medicine Man | video 2010 Rest in Peace



PORTRAIT OF THOUGHT marlessa wesolowski

Further, it is hoped that the viewer is also encouraged to engage through self-reflections and inner dialogue with respect to the nature of human relationships and the challenges of knowing the other. This painterly and video dialogue in combination provokes contemplation about vulnerability and truths that may not have otherwise become evident or shared.

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